Benefits of Home Ownership

Did you know that U.S. homeowners have an average net wealth that is 400% higher than that of renters with similar demographics and earnings? Learn more about the benefits of homeownership and how Habitat for Humanity helps families and communities prosper

Improving affordable homeownership leads to numerous outcomes that extend beyond the house​​​​​. In the U.S., these include greater economic stability, access to quality education, increased civic and social engagement, better health, and a reduced environmental footprint. 

Through a series of evidence briefs, Habitat is bringing to light research on the impact that affordable housing has on individuals and families at home and beyond. This brief provides an overview of how families can prosper with greater access to decent, affordable housing. Check out our highlights below and download the full brief.

Research highlights

Wealth and financial stability

Civic and social engagement​​​​​




Our Newest Habitat Family

A big “Welcome Home!” to our newest Ulster Habitat Family.

The keys are yours!

We spoke with parents Stephanie and Niko Maragoudakis, who were both born and raised in the Hudson Valley about their new home. They have three children:  Nicholas, 10 years; Madison, 8 years; and Olivia, 2.5 years.

“It’s transformative in so many ways. To be able to give my kids a home is really huge for us. For it to be handicap accessible is so much more.

Read our full interview here.

Cars for Homes

“We got this van 10 years ago when my first son was born. It was such a blessing at the time. We just added our second child to the family. Since then we have added two more sons. We are a homeschool family and we have been able to use this van to go to our various homeschool trips and co-op days in Kentucky. I brought two of my kids home in this van and visited my sister in TX and parents in PA and OH in this van. I have been able to use it for ministry. I have taken many kids home and had girl pow-wows in the van on cold winter nights drinking shakes. This van is definitely loved on by our family and we are so happy it will bless someone else soon.”

Adam & Michelle, Cars for Homes Donors


Learn how your car can make a difference: