Ways to Give

In Ulster County, hardworking local families face the daunting challenge of finding an affordable place to call home. Whether they aim to rent or own, the escalating costs of housing make it increasingly difficult for these families to secure a stable and safe living environment. With your generous support, we can help Ulster County’s affordable housing crisis and enable local families to become homeowners, build equity, and ultimately achieve greater self-reliance. Ulster Habitat is committed to transforming the lives of families in need, and your support brings us closer to achieving this goal.

Stable families are essential for the growth and stability of our community. When families have access to safe and affordable homes, they are more likely to invest in education, healthcare, and community resources. Your donations not only benefit individual families but also contribute to the overall health and prosperity of our local economy. By supporting affordable housing initiatives, you help create an environment that fosters economic growth and prosperity for all.

Types of Gifts:

We understand that everyone has different resources and capacities, and we are grateful for any gift or donation you can offer. Whether it’s your time, skills, money, furniture, household items, vehicles, gifts of land or real estate, stock portfolios, estate proceeds, or foundation grants, every contribution counts. We gladly accept all gifts and donations, regardless of the amount.

Tax-Exempt Organization:

Ulster Habitat is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. This means that all donations made to our organization are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We recommend consulting your attorney or tax adviser to explore alternative methods and benefits of donating, as there may be additional benefits to certain types of donations.

Donate Now

volunteer holding a sign that reads, "Help make the #CostOfHome something we all can afford

Monetary contributions are the fastest way to help. For credit cards, click our Donate Here button. Please consider a monthly gift. Donations are processed by DonorPerfect (DPOnlineForms).

If donating via check, please send it to: Ulster County Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 2554, Kingston, NY 12402.


Donations are the core of our successful ReStore. Many local families benefit from your reuse, repurpose and recycling efforts. These donations allow us to offer goods at affordable prices to the community. 30,000 shopper-visits per year raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build safe, affordable homes in our community.

Donate Vehicles

Don’t know what to do with your old car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or other motorized equipment? 

We gratefully accept donations of all kinds of vehicles, running or not. These donations are quickly and easily processed.

You may also call 877-277-4344 or our Kingston office at 845-340-0907.

Donate Real Estate

We accept and appreciate developed and undeveloped real estate—homes and land—located in Ulster County. Fair appraisal value is assigned to all donations Ulster Habitat receives and/or purchases. When donated real estate is not suitable for a Partner Habitat Home, we sell the parcel and use the proceeds to support our mission.

Please call 845-340-0907 or stop by the Affiliate Office in Kingston for more information.

Other Ways to Give

Other Ways to Give

Habitat gratefully accepts donations of other financial assets including, but not limited to, stock, mutual funds, life insurance proceeds, gift annuities, foundation grants, estate proceeds and/or other planned giving.

Please call our affiliate office for more information: 845-340-0907.