Meet David Volunteer Treasurer of the Board

Volunteer / Treasurer of the Board

Are you from Ulster County originally, or how did you find yourself here?

I moved to Ulster County in 1976 as the result of an IBM relocation. Given the choice between working in lower Westchester or Kingston, I chose Ulster County.

When and how did you first become acquainted with Ulster Habitat?

I worked on an Ulster Habitat build about 20 years ago when invited by a friend and have supported Ulster Habitat ever since then.

In what capacity do you volunteer for the organization?

I provide all of the IT support for computers and printers in the ReStore and also test electronics that are donated. As treasurer I sign checks and do banking on the day I volunteer.

You’re also a board member?

I’ve been a board member and treasurer for the affiliate for 7 years, providing reports at the board meeting and reviewing financial information each month.

How long have you worked with Ulster Habitat? What has kept you in service with them?

8 years. Primarily because I feel it is important for me to use my skills to give back to the community. It is part of “paying it forward” from having received community support when I was very young. There is also a strong and positive sense of community among the volunteers.

Did you ever work on any builds?

Long in the past. I also worked on builds with the Newburgh affiliate when there was not a lot of activity with the Ulster Habitat.

What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?

Knowing that I am part of an organization that is making a positive impact on the housing crisis in our community.

What does Ulster Habitat mean to you?

Ulster Habitat is an important contributor to the community and I want to support that.

What is the most important part of their work in the community?

The most important part is providing housing to partner families in need of adequate housing. But it is also important in providing steady employment and benefits to about 7 staff members. It also helps by accepting donations of furniture and other materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill. And it educates people more generally for the need of adequate and affordable housing, including the mission of Habitat for Humanity International.

Would you recommend others find ways to volunteer for Ulster Habitat? Why?

I would certainly recommend people volunteer for Ulster Habitat as an opportunity to give back to the community and to become part of a community that has this value.