What Surrounds You Shapes You

Stephanie and Niko: What surrounds you shapes you. For Stephanie and Niko and their family, this couldn’t ring truer.

“This beautiful house that is ours is perfect. This house was designed for our youngest daughter but enjoyed by us all. There is nothing greater than seeing your daughter who is in a wheelchair full time to have such pride, excitement, and independence because now she can follow her brother and sister on her own, she can go outside to play on her own, she can reach a bathroom sink on her own. She can be who she is in our home. We will forever be thankful to Habitat for the way they changed our lives.”

Every day the people, the environments, and the communities where you spend your time influence your growth and well-being.

Think back to your childhood. How did the people and the places that surrounded you shape who you are today?

The truth is, for many families and children in Ulster County their surroundings create more challenges than benefits. The cost of housing is at the root of many of these challenges.

In our community, incomes have not kept up with the cost of housing, which often leads families to choose between paying rent and investing in health, education, and the future of their family.

There is a solution that gives families a fair chance to thrive.

A simple, safe, and affordable place to call Home builds the foundation for the start of the Cycle of Prosperity.

Safe, affordable housing supports better physical and mental well-being. Healthy individuals lead to stronger families. Stronger families come together to create vibrant communities. And, vibrant communities foster the growth and well-being of children. The Cycle continues.

Community revitalization starts with Home.

Quality Housing Leads to Healthier Families – the Core of Our Community

Embed: How does housing impact health?

The well-being of our community is closely linked to the health of the children and families in it. Unfortunately, the high housing costs in our community can force families to remain in substandard housing that can contribute to chronic health issues such as asthma, caused by indoor mold and mildew.

In fact, studies show that 21% of asthma cases can be linked to mildew and mold in homes.

The cost of substandard housing is more than overpriced rent. It’s the well-being and health of families in our communities. That’s where a Habitat home makes a difference.

Strong Families Build Vibrant Communities

For Stephanie and Niko purchasing a new home through Habitat lifted the financial burden of high housing costs which opened the door to new opportunities.

Habitat mortgages fix a family’s housing costs to 30% of their monthly income, which alleviates financial stress and gives families a chance to plan and dream for the future.

“We still remember the day that Habitat came out to visit us at my parents’ house. That was the day we found out that we were accepted into the Habitat program! We were about to start our partnership and journey to homeownership. Something we never thought we would be able to give to our children.”

This scenario is not unique to Stephanie, Niko, and their children. It’s something that you can witness time and again with Habitat families. Imagine what could happen if we multiplied this story across every family in Ulster County.

You would see healthier individuals, stronger families, and interconnected communities.

Affordable homeownership builds a Cycle of Prosperity and the foundations for community revitalization.

Vibrant Communities Lead to a Cycle of Prosperity

“Purchasing our home from Ulster Habitat has been life changing for our family. Not only did it provide for us a safe and stable living environment, but it also instilled a sense of pride and ownership.”

Research shows that families who live in stable housing are more civically engaged. Civic engagement leads to collective action advocating for their personal and neighborhood’s interests. Ultimately, these coordinated efforts lead to a sense of pride and ownership in community outcomes.

Through this collective work communities build stronger interpersonal relationships and feel more committed to the well-being of their neighbors.

The ripple effect of decent, affordable homeownership is truly amazing!

Join Us in Making a Difference

The Cycle of Prosperity requires commitment from everyone in our community. Community partnerships, home buyers, volunteers and donors all make this happen.

Your support is crucial to success…


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