5 Reasons NOT to Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

April is National Volunteer Month!

But instead of trying to convince you to volunteer with us, we’re going to provide 5 reasons you may NOT want to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity:

1. You hate having fun. We really struggle to avoid a good time.

2. You can’t stand the thought of improving your community. It’s kind of inherent to our mission, sorry.

3. The idea of learning new skills gives you the creeps. Whether you’ve never worked on a construction site, or do it for a living, we bring a lot of talents together to fulfill our mission – you’re probably bound to learn something.

4. If reducing stress and increasing positive, relaxed feelings bothers you. Unfortunately, these are just a few potential side-effects of volunteering, along with a sense of appreciation and decreased risk of many physical and mental health problems.

5. You don’t believe the decent, safe housing should be accessible to everyone.

Yep, we’re probably not a good fit… why do you follow us online anyway?

Our volunteers are at the heart of our mission and make our work possible.

If you’ve made it this far and want to know more – we’d love to have you!