Habitat Committees

Ulster County Habitat conducts its work through committees appointed to carry out the various tasks of the organization.  It is ideal for those of you who do not want to work at a construction site, drive a truck or volunteer in the ReStore.  A well functioning committee sustains our long-term house building efforts.    If you are interested in participating in one or more committees, add your name and skills by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Family Selection Committee

This committee is tasked with advertising for partner families, reviewing applications, recommending families to the Board for approval, and advocating for selected partners during the selection process.

  • Organizes community meetings to inform prospective partner families about how to apply for a Habitat Home;
  • takes the applicant group through the entire selection process, following the affiliate guidelines;
  • keeps accurate records of the entire process, with complete files on each selection;
  • maintains confidentiality throughout the process;
  • presents top selections to Board of Directors for final decision;
  • reviews the plans with partner family, helps family choose options; and
  • finds sponsors for each partner family when they have been chosen for a home.  These sponsors
    • support the family throughout the selection process, the building of the home, and up to one year following the completion of the home (the transition can be overwhelming)
    • monitor the partner family’s sweat equity hours and suggest ways for the families to complete the required hours
    • Encourage on-going involvement with Habitat.

Site Selection Committee

This committee is tasked with developing a land acquisition strategy and criteria for future builds.

  • Follows up with inquires and offers of donated lots and/or houses;
  • work to find suitable properties for Habitat to build on; or existing houses to rehabilitate;
  • check town websites meet with various town officials, companies and individuals, and drive by properties to investigate all potential sites;
  • may negotiate for site acquisition; and
  • once an approved site has been found, committee members consult with the owners, engineers, wetlands, zoning, etc., and with the Habitat Building Committee to evaluate site.

Resource Development Committee

This Committee is tasked with raising sufficient money as determined by the Board of Directors to fund the needs of the organization in order that simple, decent housing can be built with Partner Families.

  • Organizes annual fundraising events, including coordination of publicity, arrangement of food and decorations, execution of mailings (solicitations and invitations), tickets, etc;
  • handles donation drive mailings in conjunction with Marketing Committee;
  • seeks material donations, corporate or private;
  • finds and assists in applying for grants;
  • provides speakers for local organizations who want to know more about Habitat and staffs booths at special events;
  • assists with generating informational literature; and
  • generates press releases for all affiliate events.

Construction Committee

This committee is tasked with developing construction capacity to build more homes, to review building codes, design plans and review building schedules.  Responsible for supporting the construction department determining best practices and identifying talent that is occasionally needed to improve the affiliate building process.

  • Researches available lots within the affiliate area and builds “land bank” in accordance with the 5 year plan;
  • fosters and maintains a good working relationship with the city planning commissions and real estate professionals in the area;
  • pursues available federal or local funds to help with the purchase of lots;
  • inspects lots offered and makes recommendations to accept or decline, based on potential infrastructure costs and desirability;
  • makes decisions regarding house plans and construction;
  • facilitates the drawing up of plans with architect/engineer;
  • plans the building schedules for each home; and
  • establishes and maintains standards for construction and safety.

Faith Relations Committee

The Faith Relations committee is tasked with reaching out to individual area churches, synagogues and other faith organizations to gain support for Ulster County Habitat for Humanity in the form of volunteers and monetary contributions. Committee members visit churches, make presentations (spoken and video) to the congregation, and gather names and talent surveys from those who express an interest in volunteering. Committee members send letters and/or meet with clergy and other leaders of churches to ask for support in the form of contributions or sponsoring/co-sponsoring a house.

  • Encourages giving, prayer and volunteers from area faith based communities; and
  • organizes faith based community volunteer efforts (e.g. painting of partner family homes).

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

This committee is tasked with formulating a marketing campaign, identifying key messaging and developing the best tools to communicate the messages.

  • Speakers are available to community groups, civic organizations and businesses to raise awareness and interest for Habitat for Humanity;
  • works in conjunction with the Resource Development Committee to market events.  This includes the annual fund drive and special fund raising events that are held to raise money to fund Habitat projects;
  • members prepare the quarterly newsletter and press releases; and
  • keep Habitat’s mission before the public, generating support for the mission in material and dollars.