We are Habitat: Bernie S.

My success at education and career was helped along the way by a variety of people. After I retired, I looked for ways I could help my community. I stopped in at the ReStore shortly after it opened in 2013, and impressed by what I saw, I decided to volunteer on the spot.

There are many reasons I volunteer here: to help my community, to support the goal of building homes for families, the community of volunteers who I have come to know and enjoy, and other less tangible ones.

Volunteer since September 2013. Now assistant in the ReStore Volunteer office and researcher for old or rare book values for resale.  Retired IBM computer programmer with an adult son. Area resident for 40+ years. SUNY New Paltz graduate in math and computer science.

“We are Habitat” publishes personal statements from our volunteers. You can volunteer! Call or stop by the ReStore to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator, or sign up through the Volunteer page.