Do You Need Simple, Decent, and Affordable Housing?

Ulster County Habitat for Humanity exists to provide partner families with exactly that. Our partner families live in new or renovated homes, with affordable mortgages, for which their “sweat equity” provided part of the down payment. Our mission is to improve living conditions and ease financial burdens for qualifying partner families. See the photos of our homes at the bottom of this page.

Partner families must be qualified to benefit from our projects.

Please read this page carefully to confirm you meet the requirements for partnership with the Ulster County Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. To be selected for home ownership you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You need a steady income to meet your mortgage payments as well as provide for utilities (heat, electric, water, refuse, etc.), home owners insurance, taxes and necessary maintenance.  In Ulster County the minimum figure for a family of four is about $37,000 and the maximum amount you can earn is about $51,700.  There are adjustments for smaller and larger families.
  2. You need to have a good credit rating.  You cannot have any outstanding judgments or liens against you and you cannot have declared bankruptcy in the past seven years.  We equalopportunityestimate housing costs to be about $900-$1,000 per month.  Your long term debt ratio cannot exceed 40% of your income.  In addition to your housing costs, long term debt includes your auto payments, credit cards, child support, and alimony.  If you owe a lot of money and have difficulty meeting monthly payments and do not seem to be able to reduce your long term debt, you may not be a good candidate for home ownership.  You might want to seek a credit counseling agency to help you get your credit in order.
  3. You need to currently live in housing which is substandard or a severe cost burden.  This could mean overcrowding or unsafe conditions, inadequate heat or sanitary conditions, or severe structural problems.  It could also mean that more than 30% of your income goes to housing. In this case, you might qualify even if your current housing is not considered substandard.
  4. You and your family and friends are willing to invest at least 350 hours of sweat equity” in Habitat projects.  This can take on many forms including actual construction work as well as fund raising, clerical and other volunteer activities.
  5. You have to have been a resident of or be employed in Ulster County for at least 1 year.

If you think that you are a candidate for Habitat Partnership, and would like to receive an application, please call or the Affiliate office and we will send you an application.

Thank you for your interest,

Cathy Whittaker
Family Selection and Support Committee

Our Homes:

Coming soon!

How To Apply

If you:

  • Have a steady income
  • Have good credit
  • Live in substandard housing or your housing costs are a burden
  • Are prepared to invest 350 hours of “sweat equity”
  • Have lived or worked in Ulster County for at least one year

You may qualify. Please call or the Affiliate office for an application or discussion.  We want to help.

Resources (PDF):
Own Your Own Home Brochure 2017
Own Your Own Home Flyer
Own Your Own Home Rack Card

Brochure has the most complete information of Resources listed.