Meet Audrey, Donations Coordinator

Meet Audrey, our donations coordinator!
Audrey is our dedicated donations coordinator. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of our mission and helping us achieve our goals. Audrey schedules truck pickups, helps coordinate drop offs, and does her best to answer donor questions regarding what we can accept. Continue reading to learn more about Audrey and how to donate to the ReStore.

When did you start working at the ReStore? I started in October of 2021.

Is there anything that inspired you to become involved with Ulster Habitat ReStore?
After much difficulty trying to find a place to rent, I realized the housing crisis is everywhere and what better way to get involved than to work for a local non-profit that not only builds homes, but builds community and hope.

Most of our volunteers and staff have hidden talents. We’d love to hear yours. Would you mind sharing it with us?
I am a muralist and decorative artist with a love of color and folk art! You will find many folk themes in my work.

How has your interest in interior design helped support the mission of Ulster Habitat?
Last year, the ReStore collaborated with Kingston Design Connection in the completion of our first “Habitat House” – a home built by Ulster Habitat and designed by local designers, using all items found at the ReStore. I was able to take part in the creation of one of the bedrooms, using all the items I love and found here at the ReStore.

What advice would you give to those interested in donating their gently used items to the ReStore? What is the process?

When in doubt, send us a picture! Pictures help us to determine the condition and general age of an item. Even if we are unable to accept something, we always do our best to provide alternatives. There are a couple ways for you to donate your goods to the ReStore. We offer pick ups for a $20 truck fee and require items to be located on the ground floor. If you would like to schedule a pickup, please send photos, full address and phone number to Once we review the items, we will be in touch to put you on the schedule. Additionally, if you have items that fit in a car, we offer drop off donations Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm on our lower level. For dropping off you do not need to schedule anything, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all.