Thank You For Your Interest In Volunteering.

It’s fun! It’s rewarding! We’re flexible! Bring us your special skills!

  • The people are great – volunteers, clients, customers, construction teams, partner families and staff.
  • You are supporting important goals, both for individual local families and for the community.
  • You get to use the skills you have and learn new ones.
  • You may volunteer alone or in groups.
  • You can work a flexible schedule.
  • Your volunteer experience will be challenging and rewarding.
  • Want to do something not on the list below? Call us!

Opportunities include:


  • Clean and arrange
  • Merchandise display
  • Customer assistance


  • Assist staff members
  • Loading & unloading
  • Warehouse upkeep

Prep Room

  • Repair gently used furniture
  • Test & repair electronics/appliances
  • Prepare donated items for resale

Habitat Build Site

  • General construction
  • Painting & tile work
  • Cleanup & landscaping

Our volunteers at work…


Let’s chat…Please speak with our Volunteer Coordinator to match your interests and our (many) needs.

(Printable UCHFH volunteer instructions 2019)

For your safety and our insurance requirements, please:

  1. Please Register Online
  2. Review our UCHFH Volunteer Handbook 2018
  3. Complete a brief Online Safety Course (at home or in the ReStore)
    1. Go to our online insurance page
    2. Enter W8NAEBTG in the “Employee Access Code” box and click “Submit”
    3. ReStore Volunteers: select and complete “ReStore Safety & Loss Control”
    4. Build Volunteers: select and complete “Volunteering On A Habitat For Humanity Job Site” (build volunteers must be at least 16 years of age).
    5. Complete the brief course quiz.
    6. Enter your name, select “NY” (instead of Global Village Team) and “Ulster County Habitat for Humanity” (instead of Adirondack HFH), and enter your email address.
    7. You will receive a “Congratulations!” email. Please bring it when you come to volunteer.
  4. Print, read and sign the Standard Waiver and Code of Conduct forms
  5. Don’t forget – let’s chat !!

Volunteers who wish to work as a group must work with us to: 

  • Establish a specific project or activity
  • Determine group participants and their roles
  • Schedule the work
  • Identify a project coordinator to represent your group
  • Youth groups (under age 16) must provide adult supervision